Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Smile, you are beautiful.

This photo made my day; welp, lately i've been extremely depressed and i tend not to talk to many people about stuff like that. i d o n t k n o w , i just feel  stupid talking to people about my problems and i feel like im throwing myself a pitty party. i mean i guess sometimes you gotta let it out but, im not exactly the B i g g e s t fan of doing so. but; last night i opened up to my mom and told her what happens when im depressed and drive. but; ive been staring at this screen for going on 2 hours and don't know what to write. im done for now i guess.
Later days. 

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Im Back!

yay! im finally back, i was grounded for a bit. oh, well! i am super duper hyper today; like major. im so excited because i am making the most beautiful dress ever! its super cute! ahhh. i have a busy weekeneddd! friday: church! saturday: saturday campus, making my dress, and then work ): sunday: church! then lunch with derek and his mom, and some practices and more church! ahh then back to school on monday. it seems like my weekends are getting shorter and shorter! Im uber pumped because my Nana is buying me a new coach purse for christmas! i really don't know what all to talk about. im sure i will have alot more to talk about at work at 6. i should be able to reblog then (: ahhh, i feel like dressing pretty for school tomorrow; maybe actually doing my hair tomorrow instead of the sloppy buns i've been doing. How crazy is this picture?!?!?!?! but the thing is it is sooo true! facebook is just
  like a drug! im seriously addicted. i thing i have a problem or something. lol. im a tard. im buying new socks today after work! its gonna make me so happy, like ohemjosh! I WISH HE WOULD JUST ASK ME OUT ALREADY! gersh! im super tired but i can't sleep. grr face. blerrrggghhhh im bored and need to get ready for work but i dont even want to go tonight, like bleeehhh. Maybe if im lucky my best friend will see me! maybe! oh, so change of plans, i thought i was going to go to africa this summer but i dont think i can, i have to much to pay for right now. maybe my parents will let me go next summer for a graduation present that would be ideal. aghh i love the Holiday season! later days for now (:

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pretty Girl Swagg :)

well, to start off i must say there is something to be said about a holy and modest young woman! (: the way they dress and carry themselves is so beautiful and you can truly see God's light shining through them! Women that dress with Modesty and Holiness  and classy apparel that is acceptable unto God is the true definition of pretty girl swagg!

My Pretty Girl Swagg is on point, Holla!

Anyways, im planning on going to Africa this summer on a mission trip! im super duper excited but i have no idea where in the world i am going to get the money from, i mean sure my parents will help but its 3500 dollars! oh well, im going to start saving. (: woot. im so excited.

Alright, so my friend Kristin is going through so much right now so if your reading this Please! keep her and her family in your prayers they need it as much as they can get!In Jesus Name!

My God is a GREAT God! and i know without a doubt my God will heal her broken home and heal her family and deliver them! they will know Jesus! 

quote of the day: "when life knocks you down it puts you in the perfect postion to pray"

Im outtie for now, later days (:

Mongolian Beef

Well, my title totally has nothing to do with this posting except for the fact that i want some mongolian imitation beef. (i do not eat red meat.) moving onward; what i wore today
 This is pretty much my exact out fit except; my shirt had a pattern on it and my glasses are all red not cheetah and red. So, i think today was a good day, i can't really think of anything that made it not a good day...perhaps the slight problem that occurred when i left my snuggie at school; i don't know how im going to sleep tonight. grr. i totally love this one brand of pancakes, im eating them right now; They are muy Delicious! pancakes make me happy. i am eating them plain though, i dont like syrup too much. i have to go to work at four and im kind of dreading it, im not exactly fond of the manager i work with tonight. i totally found some naughty pictures on my little brothers ipod yesterday, he is lucky im not a snitch and wont tell on him. i go to two different schools and today at my morning school i was doing my manikins hair and i got out my ipod and was going to listen to; the greatest name by the victory cathedral choir, and i turned it on and it did the most horrible thing ever! it went to the connect to power screen, i was major depressed after that but, then my love interest who is not to be mentioned texted me and cheered me up. im kind of in a blegh mood right now, i dont want to do much of anything. in chem class we did this lab with silver nitrate and it got on me and turned parts of my hand black and it smells like major ick-age, ew. /: so the weirdest thing, my legs like calfs are hurting really bad like when i touch them it feels like there is a bruise there all up and down my calfs but there isnt, its major weird. well, i guess this is a short post i dont have much on my mind right now. i should post again later tonight. later days (:

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

now: my introduction (:

well if you couldn't already see my name is kelsey; full name:Kelsey Anne Vonk. i love my name, its perfect. i was born and raised in st.louis, its not all that great. i lived in florida for a bit and, besides the heat it was fabulous. i love to use commas, i feel like it makes my writing look so much more beautiful; i also love to use colons and semi colons, they make me cheerpippy (: Georgia is my favorite font to write in, i just find it to be obnoxiously perfect. alright enough about writing, ha. my family is the typical american family, we fight constantly but in the end we are all generally very loving towards each other. my favorite color is yellow and i detest the word "moist", almost everything i own is pink although it is not my favorite color. im a bit ocd, i probably go through a whole stack of napkins when eating in public; im constantly cleaning my hands. i used to drive but then i crashed my car, then i got a new one, and crashed it again. now, im taking a break from driving and enjoying the simpler things in life that cost much less than gas; such as boys. (: i currently have a love interest who is not to be named, but he's pretty much amazing. im sixteen years young and awefully short and stubby, or should i say perfectly plump. woah, im funny. ha! im perfectly happy with my looks and size; although, i wish my hair was much longer. my hair currently is at the top of my butt, its beautiful and blonde. i never wear makeup or jewlery. im a huge fan of the Bible, its like my most favoritist book ever. i love my church and Jesus is my rock! i can sing my heart out if i try, music is kind of a big deal to me. welp, i guess thats pretty much my life summed up into a paragraph. ill be done for now. (: later days

the post before my intro.

well, ill first start off with what i wore today
modest yet trendy (: [almost my exact outfit with a slighty pinker undershirt and pink shoes.]

alright so on with the actualy writing;
today i found out one of my friends is pregnant and wants an abortion! :O 
im super upset! abortion is absolutely out of the picture, i know its not my desicion to make but there is so many more options and my parents would take that child in a heart beat! my parents are suckers for babies and if they knew she was going to have an abortion they would do anything to adopt that child! i talked to her about it and she said keeping it just wasnt an option because she doesnt know the bd(baby daddy) and just cant have a baby right now. it is seriously killing me! i love this girl so much and i love her baby so much, i know the pain that abortion causes the mothers and let alone killing her first child. I CANT LET THIS HAPPEN. the prayer warrior inside of me is about to go to work.! woosah!welp, ill be writing again later. (: later days.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

welp, this was going to be an introduction..

Like i said before, this was going to be an introduction. This being my first post would be logical to make an introduction; nope, change of plans. this post will be a whattheheck post. 

Alright, i came home and saw someone i knew had blogged and it inspired me so as i was creating this ordeal i come to find out a boy that i go to camp with named Gavin died last night and was brought back to life and is now in a coma. At first , im super upset. Im piratically in love with this boy and he has no idea...well not exactly in love (i had always made jokes that i would marry him even though he doesnt know me) and i started doing exactly what my Pastor preached on thinking in my head but Goooooodddddd!!! how could you let something like that happen to a poor innocent child who has nothing but seeked your will and done his best to fufill it, but Gooooodddd!! why would you put his family through so much pain?!?! 

then..i took a look back i remembered what my pastor preached on started think he is not doing well and his family is in pain BUT GOD will make a way! BUT GOD will revive his body! his family is in shock and dont know what to do BUT GOD will lift their spirits BUT GOD will heal his body! 

oooohh i could go on for days, im about to have a praise break woooh! 

anyways, i know my God is bigger and better than any circumstance that comes that family's way and my god will see it through! im declaring it in Jesus name my brother Gavin WILL indeed be healed and removed of this illnesss! AMEN!

My God is a Great God!