Thursday, November 11, 2010

Mongolian Beef

Well, my title totally has nothing to do with this posting except for the fact that i want some mongolian imitation beef. (i do not eat red meat.) moving onward; what i wore today
 This is pretty much my exact out fit except; my shirt had a pattern on it and my glasses are all red not cheetah and red. So, i think today was a good day, i can't really think of anything that made it not a good day...perhaps the slight problem that occurred when i left my snuggie at school; i don't know how im going to sleep tonight. grr. i totally love this one brand of pancakes, im eating them right now; They are muy Delicious! pancakes make me happy. i am eating them plain though, i dont like syrup too much. i have to go to work at four and im kind of dreading it, im not exactly fond of the manager i work with tonight. i totally found some naughty pictures on my little brothers ipod yesterday, he is lucky im not a snitch and wont tell on him. i go to two different schools and today at my morning school i was doing my manikins hair and i got out my ipod and was going to listen to; the greatest name by the victory cathedral choir, and i turned it on and it did the most horrible thing ever! it went to the connect to power screen, i was major depressed after that but, then my love interest who is not to be mentioned texted me and cheered me up. im kind of in a blegh mood right now, i dont want to do much of anything. in chem class we did this lab with silver nitrate and it got on me and turned parts of my hand black and it smells like major ick-age, ew. /: so the weirdest thing, my legs like calfs are hurting really bad like when i touch them it feels like there is a bruise there all up and down my calfs but there isnt, its major weird. well, i guess this is a short post i dont have much on my mind right now. i should post again later tonight. later days (:

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