Thursday, November 18, 2010

Im Back!

yay! im finally back, i was grounded for a bit. oh, well! i am super duper hyper today; like major. im so excited because i am making the most beautiful dress ever! its super cute! ahhh. i have a busy weekeneddd! friday: church! saturday: saturday campus, making my dress, and then work ): sunday: church! then lunch with derek and his mom, and some practices and more church! ahh then back to school on monday. it seems like my weekends are getting shorter and shorter! Im uber pumped because my Nana is buying me a new coach purse for christmas! i really don't know what all to talk about. im sure i will have alot more to talk about at work at 6. i should be able to reblog then (: ahhh, i feel like dressing pretty for school tomorrow; maybe actually doing my hair tomorrow instead of the sloppy buns i've been doing. How crazy is this picture?!?!?!?! but the thing is it is sooo true! facebook is just
  like a drug! im seriously addicted. i thing i have a problem or something. lol. im a tard. im buying new socks today after work! its gonna make me so happy, like ohemjosh! I WISH HE WOULD JUST ASK ME OUT ALREADY! gersh! im super tired but i can't sleep. grr face. blerrrggghhhh im bored and need to get ready for work but i dont even want to go tonight, like bleeehhh. Maybe if im lucky my best friend will see me! maybe! oh, so change of plans, i thought i was going to go to africa this summer but i dont think i can, i have to much to pay for right now. maybe my parents will let me go next summer for a graduation present that would be ideal. aghh i love the Holiday season! later days for now (:

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