Tuesday, November 9, 2010

welp, this was going to be an introduction..

Like i said before, this was going to be an introduction. This being my first post would be logical to make an introduction; nope, change of plans. this post will be a whattheheck post. 

Alright, i came home and saw someone i knew had blogged and it inspired me so as i was creating this ordeal i come to find out a boy that i go to camp with named Gavin died last night and was brought back to life and is now in a coma. At first , im super upset. Im piratically in love with this boy and he has no idea...well not exactly in love (i had always made jokes that i would marry him even though he doesnt know me) and i started doing exactly what my Pastor preached on thinking in my head but Goooooodddddd!!! how could you let something like that happen to a poor innocent child who has nothing but seeked your will and done his best to fufill it, but Gooooodddd!! why would you put his family through so much pain?!?! 

then..i took a look back i remembered what my pastor preached on started think he is not doing well and his family is in pain BUT GOD will make a way! BUT GOD will revive his body! his family is in shock and dont know what to do BUT GOD will lift their spirits BUT GOD will heal his body! 

oooohh i could go on for days, im about to have a praise break woooh! 

anyways, i know my God is bigger and better than any circumstance that comes that family's way and my god will see it through! im declaring it in Jesus name my brother Gavin WILL indeed be healed and removed of this illnesss! AMEN!

My God is a Great God!

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