Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pretty Girl Swagg :)

well, to start off i must say there is something to be said about a holy and modest young woman! (: the way they dress and carry themselves is so beautiful and you can truly see God's light shining through them! Women that dress with Modesty and Holiness  and classy apparel that is acceptable unto God is the true definition of pretty girl swagg!

My Pretty Girl Swagg is on point, Holla!

Anyways, im planning on going to Africa this summer on a mission trip! im super duper excited but i have no idea where in the world i am going to get the money from, i mean sure my parents will help but its 3500 dollars! oh well, im going to start saving. (: woot. im so excited.

Alright, so my friend Kristin is going through so much right now so if your reading this Please! keep her and her family in your prayers they need it as much as they can get!In Jesus Name!

My God is a GREAT God! and i know without a doubt my God will heal her broken home and heal her family and deliver them! they will know Jesus! 

quote of the day: "when life knocks you down it puts you in the perfect postion to pray"

Im outtie for now, later days (:

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