Wednesday, November 10, 2010

the post before my intro.

well, ill first start off with what i wore today
modest yet trendy (: [almost my exact outfit with a slighty pinker undershirt and pink shoes.]

alright so on with the actualy writing;
today i found out one of my friends is pregnant and wants an abortion! :O 
im super upset! abortion is absolutely out of the picture, i know its not my desicion to make but there is so many more options and my parents would take that child in a heart beat! my parents are suckers for babies and if they knew she was going to have an abortion they would do anything to adopt that child! i talked to her about it and she said keeping it just wasnt an option because she doesnt know the bd(baby daddy) and just cant have a baby right now. it is seriously killing me! i love this girl so much and i love her baby so much, i know the pain that abortion causes the mothers and let alone killing her first child. I CANT LET THIS HAPPEN. the prayer warrior inside of me is about to go to work.! woosah!welp, ill be writing again later. (: later days.

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  1. Refer her to New Beginnings. It's a program that's run by the UPC, and they house and provide all medical care for the birth moms and help them with the adoption process. They even let the birth moms choose the family. The birthmother hotline is 1800-264-2229. Email Website: