Wednesday, November 10, 2010

now: my introduction (:

well if you couldn't already see my name is kelsey; full name:Kelsey Anne Vonk. i love my name, its perfect. i was born and raised in st.louis, its not all that great. i lived in florida for a bit and, besides the heat it was fabulous. i love to use commas, i feel like it makes my writing look so much more beautiful; i also love to use colons and semi colons, they make me cheerpippy (: Georgia is my favorite font to write in, i just find it to be obnoxiously perfect. alright enough about writing, ha. my family is the typical american family, we fight constantly but in the end we are all generally very loving towards each other. my favorite color is yellow and i detest the word "moist", almost everything i own is pink although it is not my favorite color. im a bit ocd, i probably go through a whole stack of napkins when eating in public; im constantly cleaning my hands. i used to drive but then i crashed my car, then i got a new one, and crashed it again. now, im taking a break from driving and enjoying the simpler things in life that cost much less than gas; such as boys. (: i currently have a love interest who is not to be named, but he's pretty much amazing. im sixteen years young and awefully short and stubby, or should i say perfectly plump. woah, im funny. ha! im perfectly happy with my looks and size; although, i wish my hair was much longer. my hair currently is at the top of my butt, its beautiful and blonde. i never wear makeup or jewlery. im a huge fan of the Bible, its like my most favoritist book ever. i love my church and Jesus is my rock! i can sing my heart out if i try, music is kind of a big deal to me. welp, i guess thats pretty much my life summed up into a paragraph. ill be done for now. (: later days

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